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The Search Engine Optimisation services allow your website to be structured with meaningful content, important keywords specific to your business and relevant positioning in Google’s search results. Our services in this area include what is considered to be the a hard working application of SEO, following high quality guidelines from Google, making sure your website is well received on their search engine, driving more relevant traffic to you. One of our greatest strengths is that, instead of trying to go for a quick sale, we go out of our way and explain to the process to the client, with full transparency and proper segmentation of every phase and steps recommended.

SEO rules apply to all businesses. Doing it with the wrong company can get you counter-productive results. We know from our clients that their biggest issue is to find a reliable agency that can explain very well how their business can possibly benefit from SEO services.

As such we find it very important to show results to clients, what we’ve done and how we did it. Also we advise them to take a few steps themselves if they're willing to; all depending on their needs and the needs of their business. Client always comes first and we have the utmost respect for them.

With that we have clients that trust us and rely on our services, so it’s up to us to not let them down. Recently we finished developing our own SEO system, that will allow our clients to check several interesting statistics:

  • Your keywords ranking displayed in a list together with visual aid to give you a better feel of how you’ve been progressing over time
  • Evaluate your competition by analysing their linking domains, backlinks and how many keywords are ranked in relevant positions.
  • See detail information about your backlinks progression with some interesting technical details, together with where they’re coming from to compare measurable results.

We have built our own SEO system and it is currently only available to our customers.

The SEO services are divided in steps and alternatives for our clients to choose as they see fit:

Keyword analysis, rank tracking and competitor analysis

A recommended first step that gives you a solid overview on how you are standing in your current state. In keyword analysis we research all relevant keywords that are relative to your business and have meaningful monthly search volume. In rank tracking we check what your position currently is with those same keywords. Finally analysing your competition is all about doing the same and additional info that can allow you to:

  • Identify new places to advertise
  • Know what your competitors are doing
  • Identify new directories to register your business
  • Identify good blogs/forums to participate in.

In the end we compile an organized list presenting you the results to factually determine how your company stands against your biggest competitors. Please note that this step can be further split depending on your requests. We always try to be flexible to meet your requirements.


Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website and considered to be important steps to take for good search engine visibility. A good indicator for the importance of a website within a search engine is it’s the number of quality backlinks.

In this step we create meaningful content that can be linked to your website. Such is done with care and attention, not to be treated as spam but instead a fruitful help and discussion about an important topic that your business might surround itself upon.

SEO Copywriting

Copywriting is extremely beneficial for any business. As it’s professional and Google reads it, it distinguishes itself from non-original content. As there is the choice of the client or ourselves to pick the client, we do our due diligence for the particular topic before building it with many variables in mind.

That being said we aim to build content that is found by people researching about that particular subject. We give our clients the option to buy different pack of articles, depending on their needs.

Search engine visibility allows your business to be seen by a higher number of people. Many business owners are not aware of the potential they are losing by ignoring this feature all together, and so they give opportunity to their competition to gain the advantage and be more relevant in organic results.

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