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Digital Marketing may be a new subject for you, representing the start of new trends and systems in your marketing budget and a new world which you might not yet have adapted to.

For us, Digital Marketing is at our core. It is a complete solution, starting from Bespoke Responsive Website Design to SEO, Online Advertising and Social Media.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, the services we offer range from:

Responsive Web Design

From a design revamp on your website, a completely new implementation to make it responsive to a bespoke website built from scratch, we serve high quality responsive web design that is sure to please your customers. Responsive Web Design is the best practice for websites because it stands to offer a multi-platform performance for all of your users, coupled with a flexible and smooth experience at any time. Users tend to spend twice as much time online in smartphones than in laptops so it’s important to provide them that user-friendly and trendy looking website that retains them, increase your leads, enquiries and conversions. It all starts with a professional Web Design.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Usually pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) with both Search Advertising and Display Advertising (banners). With SEM you are basically paying for results, your investment is converted into highly targeted visitors that come to your website which simply has to convert them into enquiries or sales.
  • SEM needs to have a good website behind it. That is why a good quality Bespoke Web Design and Web Development are so important. People can go to your website but there are many factors that determine whether they stay there or just leave for the next one. Things like a good navigation that organizes content in a user-friendly way, good design that makes users want to stay there, and small things like clarity in what your company does and how you can help your customers. SEM gets you quicker results and greater control on who goes to your website, but your website needs to be a place that a potential customer wants to look at, rather than leave as soon as they open the page.

Social Media Management

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin are becoming increasingly relevant for Digital Marketing. The difference between managing your different social media profiles closely and not paying attention to them at all impacts your business in a relevant manner. Many people tend to look for Social Media profiles and what content they have. Managing a Social Media profile professionally means putting in daily content, actively replying to customer inquiries and feedback, and using creative design for your Social Media banner, infographics about your products or business, etc.

Content driven social media adds content marketing to social media management and opens doors to desired results, creating interactive customer service. It builds up your brand while listening to real feedback.

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